Legislative Interim

2021 – 2022 ND Legislative Interim

The State of ND operates on a two-year funding cycle (biennium) with the Legislature being in Session every two years.  The NDDAC continues its work following the 2021 Session up to the 2023 Session.  This is known as the 2021-2022 Legislative Interim.  During this time, the ND Legislature engages in ongoing committee work which includes mandatory and chosen studies, public hearings, drafting of committee bills, and development of committee reports.  There is an excellent visual of the Biennial Legislative Cycle on the ND Legislative webpage.

A final document was created in May of 2021 showing the required Interim studies as well as optional ones chosen (along with those not selected) by Legislative Management.  A number of the Interim studies are relevant to individuals with disabilities and their families.  Following are Interim Committees that are looking at disability-related issues with each being linked to the Legislative Council website where you can find:

  • Relevant studies and assignments
  • Committee members
  • Committee meeting information (notices, agendas, minutes, and memorandums) including links to view/listen to recordings of past committee meetings